The Wilson House e-Book

This book was put together for the purpose of helping the chronic alcoholic and addict and their families and friends to understand the true nature of their problem. It may also help them understand why they may have failed to this point in recovery.

The sole purpose of the Wilson House is to help the homeless alcoholic and addict that everyone else has failed with. The first part of the book shares with you some of what we’ve experienced in over 30 years of work with chronic alcoholics and addicts.

The program we use and live by is rooted solely in the 12 steps and 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).  The minimum recovery time we have found for the chronic alcoholic is about 2 years.  12 – 18 months in our recovery house program and 12 – 14 months in our permanent supportive housing program.

If the alcoholic and addict reading this really wants to get sober we can help.  The back section of the book contains stories of some of the people that are involved with the Wilson House. Please read their stories. You just might find yours in there.

Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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