About The Wilson House


Started in 1994, the Wilson House is an in-house recovery center for the homeless male chronic substance abuser.

Many residents of the Wilson House have been pulled from the gates of death and are now sober, happy and productive members of their communities.

The program began with six men, all members of AA, and the intention of helping the hopeless and homeless chronic substance abuser by providing a halfway house.  The program would be based on the principles of AA, which had been effective in their individual lives. It would be funded by donations, not dependent on any one organization.

For many of our residents, The Wilson House is their last chance in a long string of failed attempts at achieving sobriety.   By the time they reach us, most are unemployable and unable to support themselves.

The two main texts we use are the “Big Book” and the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). We believe that the AA program, and a working relationship with a higher power, are essential to the recovery of the chronic substance abuser.


New residents do not work so they may focus on learning about the disease that has destroyed their lives.



A program that works!

Our Mission

The Wilson House mission is to serve the homeless male chronic substance abuser through counseling and the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The goal is to take the addicted, hopeless and homeless individual from a state of physical, mental and spiritual bankruptcy to that of being an independent, productive member of our community. The three-phase program will equip them with the knowledge, tools and life long support they need to remain sober and productive members of society.