Recovery Home Program

The Wilson House is a men’s long-term residential program.  It offers the participant a structured, disciplined environment where he learns about the underlying causes that drive his drug and alcohol misuse  The participant will also learn to use the tools of recovery to remain clean and sober.

To be considered for entry into the program the following eligibility requirements must be met:

  • Homeless,
  • Substance misuse,
  • Desire to change.
PHASE 1 – Foundational Phase (1-6 months)

A new resident is shown that we care and that he is in a safe and good environment.  We begin to establish the resident on Steps 1 through 3 of the 12 Steps model of recovery and other evidence-based methods.  Our primary mission is to remind the new resident of who they are, their worth, and provide hope for them.  With our help and a good foundation, it has been proven that a resident can be catapulted toward the life they deserve.

        1. Adhering to a daily schedule, rules, and expected behaviors,
        1. Journaling, reading approved literature, researching terms and concepts.



PHASE 2 – Framing Phase (6-12 months)

This phase is where the resident begins to take an active role in his recovery with evidence he is practicing Steps 4-12 in daily activities.

  1. Leadership role within the community,
  2. An advanced understanding of the remaining 4-12 Steps of the 12 Step model of recovery,
  3. Diligent in his patience, tolerance, acceptance, and rule following,
  4. An increase of his responsibilities within the household,
  5. Eligible to become an accountable recovery companion for other members of the house during certain unfacilitated outings


PHASE 3 (12-18 months)

Transition Phase“: The resident is prepared mentally and physically to move to transitional housing.

        1. He will have a job
        2. He will attend 4 meetings a week
        3. He will interact daily with house residents for accountability, responsibilities, etc.
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